Inclusive Mobility Research Lab

Ergonomics research in human movement, mobility, and inclusive design

Information for Prospective Student Research Assistants:

We hire multiple students, both undergraduate and graduate, to assist on different research projects. I have provided some information below about how to get started if you are interested in working with us:

We hire multiple undergraduates to assist with human subjects data collection and data analysis during the academic year and in the spring/summer months. U-M undergraduate students typically join our research group through the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP), the Student Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) and the Marian Sarah Parker Scholars Program. Students will typically continue on as paid-research assistants (or work-study) depending on their interest and satisfactory work performance. Mostly undergraduate students in my group are from from Industrial and Operations Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering programs -- however students from other departments and programs are encouraged to apply if knowledgeable in human factors, ergonomics or biomechanics. Please email me your resume if you might be interested in working with us during the academic year or as a spring/summmer research intern.

For 2016 SURE/SROP project descriptions and openings please see:

We have had a few Masters students work in the lab for credit (IOE 490/590: Directed Study) and as paid research assistants. Promising students have the opportunity to stay for a Ph.D. if they are interested and demonstrate strong research potential. If you are a Masters student interested in working with us, you must first be accepted into the College of Engineering. Feel free to contact Dr. Clive D'Souza directly with your resume to enquire about open positions and expectations.

Our lab typically takes 1-2 Ph.D. students specializing in Ergonomics each year. Prospective PhD students from various educational backgrounds are encouraged to apply, including Industrial and Operations Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Systems Engineering.

To work as a PhD student in the Inclusive Mobility Lab you must apply to and get accepted into the PhD program in Industrial and Operations Engineering (IOE). Information for prospective graduate students about the admissions process to the PhD program in IOE can be obtained from the Department of IOE website and College of Engineering Graduate Admissions website. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact one of the graduate students listed on the People section to learn about the research work and expectations.

We are currently looking to recruit ergonomics PhD students that have research interests in one or more of the following areas:

  • functional (whole-body) biomechanics and posture prediction
  • ergonomics risk and posture assessment using accelerometry and inertial sensors
  • human factors in public transportation (field-based human factors studies, analysis of transit data feeds, geospatial analysis)
  • inclusive (universal design) research (including anthropometry and biomechanics studies involving individuals with disabilities).

Feel free to contact Dr. Clive D'Souza directly with your resume and research interests to enquire about open positions and on-going projects.

There are no current postdoctoral positions open in my group at this time. Though please feel free to contact me about potential future opportunities.